Want to help us to translate?
Translating (languages)
Want to help us to translate Lookformp3.net into your language? It's a good idea!

All that you need is to download default language file (english) and translate it using any text editor (for example, Notepad2). Also we would like you to find a small image of your country's flag. This would accelerate adding your language to interface. How this should look like you can see in the upper right corner of any our page.

Downloaded file looks like this:

As you can see text divided in two parts: system text and text that will be displayed. System text you must leave as is. Second part of each string need to be translated.
Text that begins from "//" means comment that not displayed. Beauty arrows ("=>") must be leaved too.

Some rules:

And want to say that this translation is made by Lookformp3.net team. There can be your name ;)

File to translate:

  Default language pack (English) - zipped file

Send file to us:

Please, pack your work into zip archive. Translated and checked for mistakes file send by e-mail to light-dot-feel-at-gmail-dot-com. Also add into e-mail your contact information to resolve disputes.
As soon as possible we check it and if there is no problems we add it.

Good luck!
Lookformp3.net team.