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Q: How "fresh" your database are?
A: We update our databases as often as possible.

Q: I am clicking on the url, but nothing happens or server returns error. Why?
A: Some servers are checking from which site you are downloading his track(s). And some of them are blocking file download from other sites (as which is LightStorage search engine). So, try to click "Open in new window". Or copy link (Ctrl+C) and paste in new browser`s window (Ctrl+V).
Or try later - some servers are too busy and cann't execute your requests now.

Q: Search results when I typing song name "Don`t look back" and "Don't look back" are different. Why?
A: Becouse, symbols ' and ` are different and aren't equal. Authors can give different names to their songs.

Q: How many audio records are in your database?
A: At this moment we have more than 1.3 million audio files in our database.

Q: I have some questions / suggestions for you. How I can contact you?
A: Contacts: light-dot-feel-at-gmail-dot-com. Please, fill subject field as "Lookformp3.net - LightStorage SE".

All questions and suggestions send to light.feel-at-gmail-dot-com.